I’m back from the new baby bliss bubble! Still fully immersed in it but excited to share some finds this week with you all! Thank you all for your kind words about Raleigh, he’s the best and we’re enjoying him so much!!


Wearing: All aboard the nursing train! It’s so funny how quickly your needs shift, now while we’re getting the hang of newborn nursing, if it doesn’t have buttons or a supplice top I don’t even try. I got this dress in both colors and love that it’s oversized and hides everything in the mid-section too! I bought size small and love the fit.

Reading: Finished Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake. I thought it was super sweet and funny and reassuring about aging and also super poignant about good girl friends. Now I am onto The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing and am obsessed. Love the author’s writing style, it’s super funny and I love how each story connects to the last in a way you might not expect. Unless it takes a turn for the worse it might be one of my favorite reads this year!

Listening: I bought Russ a new record player for Father’s Day since our boys broke the needle on his other one. It has great sound for the cost! I’ve been listening to classical records because I can’t handle any more noise or chaos then necessary these days.

Decorating: Realized I didn’t have a hamper for the baby’s room – Prime to the rescue! This copper basket is so pretty and will serve many purposes I’m sure. Hoping to share his nursery with you all soon! http:

Feeling: I feel so good, I am for sure tired, but recovery has been smooth sailing otherwise. Usually I am super emotional and hormonal, but I feel so peaceful this time around. Not sure what the difference is!

Eating: Thinking about eliminating some things from my diet, poor Raleigh’s tummy gets torn up every night around 3 am. I’ve read so many conflicting things but would love to hear from actual people. What has worked for you guys diet-wise and your gassy babies? In related news, God bless the Windi. It is truly a miracle.




WEARING: Okay I guess I make it pretty clear that I’m on a mission to lose baby weight and get fit. MAN it takes forever you guys!! Trying not to get discouraged as I hit a plateau! But that’s neither here nor there. The point is I’ve found I’m LIVING in my workout clothes and so I like them to look somewhat acceptable for after gym errands. Obviously I love my Lulu Lemon (I recommend the Wunder Under high times or Align Pant) but I’ve been branching out too!

Tracksmith. YOU GUYS I am obsessed with this brand. We featured them on our Father’s Day Guide a couple weeks ago so I got some pants and a tank and am just so pleased. Their New England style workout clothes just kill me. This tank top I’ve worn for 3 days straight (and somehow magically doesn’t smell) and has the cutest cut on the shoulders. As well as these pants. So comfortable, flattering and sweat wicks off them. Cool. Love this brand.

I love all Target’s Racerback tanks. They’re so inexpensive, light and the fit is great!

EATING: I have been “counting macros” for four weeks now and I really like it. I can eat what I want just not whenever I want. It keeps me in check and I’ve only had a couple licorice binge sessions since I started so relatively keeps me balanced 🙂 I’ve been loving good finds like this protein shake which has way low carbs and fat but high protein is good on the run. I also really love these bars.

READING: I’ve had some disappointment in relationships recently and I am trying to overcome those feelings. I am a person of faith but this book applies to all. Broken Things to Mend always leaves me feeling at peace with a quiet understanding of my self worth despite what happens in relationships. I really recommend it for everyone.



Decorating: (this is all I’ve been thinking about lately. Ive been in CA for an entire month with the kiddos visiting the boy we are dating. Yes, we. This is a family affair. While I’ve been away, the only thing I’ve missed is buying things for my home. Intact, I miss it so much, I keep buying things and having them sent home to wait for me. I blogged about this coffee table a while back and have seen in in SO MANY of your homes which thrills me. I have found another that I’m loving just as much.

Also, this one! It is out of stock but ill keep my eye on it for you and let you know when its available, because its perfect!

I have never found an Assouline book I didnt love, this new discovery is no exception.

Its been SO HOT that gym clothes are starting to be even too much. I have fallen for all these Nike Running Shorts. I have a white pair and a black pair and if you know me, you know it wont stop there.

These pretty sandals come in 3 different colors, but this blue is my love. Steve Madden prices are always fair and these look far more expensive than they are.

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  1. Ali:
    on June 27, 2016 at 6:28 pm said:

    Hi Emily! Dairy, dairy, dairy…it was a killer for babyies #2 and #3 for me. (#3 also had a huge aversion to carbonation too. Wah!) You can try eliminating just the obvious dairy from your diet, and hopefully that’s enough to make the difference for your sweet newbie! I had to go as far as eliminating all of it and using almond milk for everything – cereal, coffee, cooking, etc. It gets significantly better right around six months. Hang in there!

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