potty training 101

Oh, potty training! Amongst ourselves it is in the top ranking for our least favorite tasks as parents. Keeping your cool and being a constant source of positive encouragement, while trying not to pull your hair out? Where is our Oscar? We teamed up with Lysol
to brainstorm our best potty training tips. Our middle boys are all four so it wasn’t that long ago that we traversed this terrain, and to be honest we still deal with accidents at night on occasion, so we’re for sure not out of the woods! Potty training takes a long time, and sometimes they’re just not ready, and that’s ok! We’ve all found waiting until they are equals a much happier potty training experience!

We created this little film with our main guy Jenner Brown to share our tips, but to summarize you have to be prepared and have the tools at your fingertips. We go through a roll a week of these wipes so of course they are a huge part of any messy job and killing 99.9% of those bathroom germs* in one swipe is a busy mom’s kind of efficiency!

*When used as directed.

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