Three At Home

By Emily.

If you remember from my New Baby Favorites post a couple weeks ago I told you I’d update you about Raleigh’s jaundice situation! Finally had time to write it all down and gladly can also finally say his coloring is looking amazing and I think we might be in the clear, but also confirmed something I suspected since Hayes was born! Since the Baby Nés system ended up being essential to our situation, I’m happy to show just how cool it is while I spin my lengthy tale…Baby NesSo first the backstory: when Hayes was born the nurses let me know he had jaundice and arranged for at home phototherapy treatments. We did our best with keeping him in the lights but even still as a first time mom my milk took longer to come in than with either Cal or Raleigh, and Hayes’ levels sky-rocketed. He was one point away from being re-admitted to the hospital and both Russ and I were devastated. Like we both sobbed on the way home from the doctor. Each day we dropped a few points until THREE weeks later we got him back under a level 10 and able to get him off the beds. Oh happy day!Baby NesNow cut to Callum. My milk came in a little faster so his numbers didn’t get as high with Hayes (the only way to flush the jaundice out is through poop so the more they eat the quicker they process it!) but he took the same amount of time. We were beyond frustrated as we took him to the hospital’s lab each day, got his little heel pricked, blood tested and would get the results and he was only coming down a point or less each day. Again, THREE weeks later we got the okay to get him off the bed.Baby Nes[Formula Pods, created specifically by age and nutrition needs. Pre-measured and sealed for freshness! Stick the Pod into the holder and close it up!]

So now with Raleigh, I am a more seasoned mother and I am determined to avoid this situation for the third time. I told my nurses and they helped me get him on the hospitals light beds as soon as possible. I started pumping immediately to entice that milk to come in quicker. I supplemented with formula from the beginning to make sure he was eating enough and happily his levels never got higher than a 13. He spent four days in the Bilibed and got the clear. Being able to hold and cuddle him whenever I wanted is such a luxury I am simply not used to in those early weeks. But, now we get to the part where I confirmed that suspicion. Baby Nes

[Fill up the top with water and press start! Within seconds the bottle fills up and it’s perfectly warmed. Done all one handed, mind you!]

Even though Raleigh has been off the beds for a few weeks now, his skin and eyes are still yellow. Maybe it was PTSD but every time I noticed it in the right light I felt immediate panic like his numbers were climbing back up and all was lost. We had his levels re-tested and they had basically stayed the same. So his doctor confirmed he (and probably both my boys, too) has breastmilk jaundice. A rarity at only 3% of babies, where breastmilk actually blockades the bilirubin from being processed out the liver. So for a few weeks or up until 3 months babies will appear yellow and carry it with them. So really, no matter what I do they’ll have those symptoms until they grow out of it. Baby NesThis story is a-dragging but in closing, my pediatrician suggested 24 hours of formula-only to help re-set and get ahead of his levels and FINALLY his coloring shifted. Even though it took three kids for me to figure it out, I am so happy to know this and to have the tools I need to get it done, especially the formula and a simple convenient system. I didn’t know in advance that I would end up relying so heavily on the system, but man am I glad to have it! Modern advancements are really amazing aren’t they?

Thanks to Baby Nés for sponsoring this review! The system is not meant to treat jaundice and if you have a similar experience with take advisement from your primary care doctor.

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  • Caitlin
    July 19, 2016 at 7:52 am

    Hang in there, mama! You’re looking beautiful and crushing it raising healthy happy kiddos, how amazing are you?!


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