city select SALE!

The City Select was the very first high end stroller that I purchased after Sunny was born. My friends and online reviews raved about it. And now, I’m the one preaching! This stroller is fantastic. I went with black, because I think it looks chic for a double stroller (which trust me, that’s HARD to find). I started with it as a double since both my boys were little. They LOVED that the seats could both face me as I pushed them. As they grew, they wanted to face each other. When the giggling and playing got to be too much for me, I flipped Dash to face forward. It was nice having him in the front as he started to get older and want to hop in and out of the seat. With Sunny still up top, I felt secure and safe.

With all that being said, how excited are we that the City Select fam is all on sale at The Baby Cubby? Pretty! Even better, they have free shipping!

Find the single here. The double here. And all the amazing accessories you can add on to customize it just so, here!Untitled-5If you’re not sure if the City Select is the perfect fit for you, check out The Baby Cubby’s Stroller Guide to find your best match!

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