Happy Fryday! Now that the Nordstrom Sale is open for all here’s a peek back at our week of coverage! GIRLS // BOYS // WOMEN //  WOMEN ACTIVE // HOME // BABY + GEAR // MEN

And some of the picks we made for ourselves are below! Check back on social media for pics of how we’re styling it all! Have a great weekend!



My favorite (most comfortable) Madewell cropped pants are on sale! Dress these up with some black pumps or down with some white converse. Where them to the pool with some sandals. I mean, can we all say it together? Versatile.

Mine really needs a bath cause I haven’t washed it in months, but, I’ve loved this white NY yankees hat I bought last fall. So classic. And with my new found concern of keeping my face out of the sun, hats have been a summer essential.

Are you always buying new kids books like we are? I cant stop, and wont. Pool is a new one. I love it mostly for its gorgeous illustrations.

I posted about some of these bronze mugs on the Nordstrom Sale, but these are equally as beautiful and nothing beats the prime 2 day free shipping!

I do a lot of my work from my couch, on my laptop, with snacks and a diet coke. This multi functional end table comes MAJORLY in handy.



Wearing: Lately I just go to an online store and type in “surplice top” because, nursing. Some of them like to be annoying and sew the cross-over shut so I bust through that thread and add on those tiny snaps (the worse on a onesie, but helpful on adult clothes.)

Here are the ones I am ordered from the Nordstrom Sale.

Surplice Top  // Crossfront Burgandy // Topshop Wrap Shirt 

Reading: For sure don’t have time to read currently, but I am a couple chapters into the Year of Magical Thinking and it’s waiting patiently by my bed.

Listening: I think if I want to get anything substantial into my brain I am gonna have to switch to audio. What are your favorite podcasts, radio shows etc?

Decorating: You guys would laugh if you saw all the decorative baskets I have around my house. Holding plants, holing magazines, holding dirty clothes, why not add another one? This one is amazing!

Watching: Have you guys seen Alone on the History Channel? We are just tuning into season 2 and we are HOOKED! It’s like Survivor except no tribe, 10 contestants get dropped at various parts of an island with only 10 survival items of their choice and whoever lasts the longest wins. They film themselves and it’s the craziest!

Feeling: At the beginning of the Summer I was heartbroken to think about both my kids in school most of the day. Now that we’re ending July I am ready, haha! I can’t help but think of all the things I can get done that I haven’t had time for since Raleigh was born once those mornings are freed up a bit! Although I am still anxious to have Hayes gone ALL day and told him that he said “It’s okay we can call each other when we want to talk!” Crushed. He’s the sweetest.


i’m still over the moon for the nordstrom sale so here are the things i bought that you absolutely can not pass up:

1-So far I’ve bought THIS SHIRT in three colors and am about to order the rest cause #duh. $15 and a killer fit. I ordered a medium and it’s baggy on purpose just as a size reference.
2-I know I know these dang Zella leggings. I buy them every year and love them – for $25 they’re such a great staple for you workout wardrobe.
3-I have been really wanting to invest in a good leather jacket and the fit of this one is KILLER. The panels in the sleeves make it super flattering and it’s over $100 off with the sale!! I bought the black but omg that Grey Nickel is calling my name too.
4-It’s not clothing, but it is a freaking rose gold swan. Sorry Ands, I had to.
5-This Nike Bra! Such a killer price, comfortable and good padding. I love love love it.


how to talk so kids will listen // round 2 of this.let’s just say we’re struggling, but I love this book and know it gives me tools to push through!

leaders eat last // if you’re in any kind of leadership role you NEED this book. life changing – even just the title tells you how absolutely awesome it is.


just binged caught up on New Girl. Schmidt is my world. And when will Jess and Nick just finally end up together?!

2 thoughts on “FRYday”

  1. I love Jenna’s tshirt pick but it says dry clean only?!?! I just can’t dry clean my tshirts so I am hoping to hear success stories with (machine) washing it, because also too lazy for hand wash. I always find cute products from that brand but the washing directions always scare me away.

    I have the talking/ listening book waiting to be read but I think I am going to read Siblings Without Rivalry first.

  2. Emily… you should check out the Extraordinary Moms Podcast. It’s perfect company while nursing. Every week I interview a different mom who shares their inspiring motherhood journey. I think you’ll really enjoy it!

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