BTS Fashion Week!

It’s that time of year and we can’t believe it!! This year, like in all the years past, we are dedicating an entire week to Back To School Fashion!! We’ve rounded up all our picks and favorites to make your job easier!

First up, backpacks!


We all love and own this State bag and it’s so fun to see it at Nordstrom  // This Herschel is such a cute color combo // Love the updated version of this State bag // You can’t get a better red than this North Face bag // Herschel takes it next level with this clean and modern backpack, we want this for ourselves // this polka dot character bag is fun and cheeky // Our boys will die over this one // Herschel again we know but they’re just the best! This one is unisex for sure! // Don’t know about your kids but ours can’t get enough of Star Wars, this bag is a good uncheesy compromise.

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