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We heard some crazy sad stats from Puro Sound Labs and had to share today!

1 in 5 teens in the U.S. has Noise Induced Hearing Loss!
Teen hearing loss up to 30% since mid 90’s
50% of people worldwide between 12-35 yrs old are at risk of NIHL due to increase use of portable audio devices (1.1 Billion people)Puro Headphones 20% off coupon

And all of this is 100% preventable! When Puro Sound Labs shared this info we started panicking, because our kids are getting to the age where they want to wear headphones. Before this we probably would’ve grabbed the nearest ear buds but now we’re thinking twice. Puro sent these headphones which have a built-in sound inhibitors so the levels will never cross the safe level threshold! Phew! Our second priority after our kids hearing health is the aesthetic and they nailed that, too. Look how pretty!! (Save 20% off with the coupon below!)Puro Headphones 20% off couponThese are specially sized for kids and come in these pretty three colors! Of course they make headphones for adults, too!Puro Headphones 20% off couponThe third best feature is that they’re wireless and bluetooth up to thirty feet! So no tangles and tripping of wild boys. We love this for travel, who can deal with cords on top of everything else when you’re on a flight or in the car?Puro Headphones 20% off couponWe’re giving away a pair on Small Fry’s Instagram! And if you’re in the market get a whopping 20% off with “SmallFryPuro” at check-out! SHOP PURO HERE!

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