off duty!

For the longest time we’ve mulled over how to make daily outfits a reality over here at Small Fry! We didn’t want to clog your Instagram feed, but then Insta Stories was born! Perfect! So, if you’ve been watching you’ll see we’re sharing our outfits in action there on Insta Stories, and linking each outfit here on the blog.


To see the daily look, just keep your eyes on our Insta Stories, where you’ll see quick snaps or videos of our look of the day. Here’s a few of Emily’s from last week – nothing crazy, nothing professional, just a quick pic!todayThen if you want to get the outfit sources just head to Small Fry! You can access each of our tabs on our left sidebar. Or if you want to just type it into your address bar, the URLs are: || ||

For those reading this in an RSS feed it looks like this…Off DutyOnce you get to the pages you’ll see we have daily outfit links and maybe a thought or two on where we’re headed and why we love the item. We hope for those who want to know it will make it that much easier, and won’t bombard those who don’t! We’re excited to have this new series and hope you love it! Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!


Em, J and Nic


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