adorne by Legrand

By Emily.

Oh man, the adorne collection by Legrand ruined me for life. Now I can’t stand the sight of a regular outlet cover, Adorne is just so much prettier! They sent a few for us to try out and are giving away 10 to 10 of you lucky aveinners on our Instagram! While we’re at it we have a few photos of Raleigh’s nursery, too!

Ready for the tour?

We used the Portable Nightlight/Flashlight with the French Oak Wall Plate for the hallway – its been so nice for the boys when they’re using the bathroom at night, or need to get a drink. Adorne GiveawayThe nightlight pops right out and they can carry it with them or just let it light up the hallway! It self-charges while it’s in the outlet and has different intensity settings as well as just off, so pretty!Adorne GiveawayThen from the hall, right when you walk into the nursery we installed Wave Switch – I love it at our front and back doors too because when I walk in with full hands (all the time) I can just brush past it to get the light on. We have one in the baby’s room as well and it is super convenient. And pretty, too!Adorne GiveawayThese are just two of adorne’s impressive offerings! Check out more of their line-up in action!
Catch the rest of Raleigh’s Nursery in the post right below this! Legrand is giving away 10 portable night light covers to 10 readers here!


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