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In preparation for back-to-school season we’ve covered hearing safety and today we’re teaming up with The Vision Council and Eyecessorize to talk about vision safety and trends! If you’ve ever wondered if your kiddo might have vision issues they shared this list to help spot warning signs:Vision Council

[Polaroid Aviators]

  • Squinting, closing or covering one eye
  • One or both eyes turning in or out
  • Constantly holding materials close to the face
  • Repeatedly rubbing eyes
  • Continued redness or tearing
  • Family history of vision problems
  • Tilting their head
  • Difficulty keeping their place while reading or skipping lines
  • Frequent headaches, watery eyes or dry eyes
  • Sitting at the front of the classroom in order to see or sitting close to the TV
  • Bad behavior or problems in the classroom

Vision Council


Vision Council

If you find yourself needing glasses for your kids or just a stylin’ pair of sunglasses we’re so impressed with all the trend-spotting and variety of brands and frames at Eyecessorize! Check this collection out covering all the different shapes you can find:shapes

Find more Vision Tips at The Vision Council and Eyewear Trends at Eyecessorize!


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