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One thing we get asked frequently is where to find suits for our boys! Whether its fora  special occasion, church, family pictures, there is nothing cuter than a tiny guy in a suit! Anytime we see cute brands we like to share and this UK brand Roco has such a great variety! First, they ship in these tiny garment bags. So cute!

Roco SuitsAnd now behold Hayes and Dash. They were being so cute, all we had to do was snap some pictures.Roco Suits

Dash is wearing the black three piece suit. It comes with a vest, white shirt, jacket, pants, tie and pocket square! Such a steal!

Roco Suits

Hayes is in the grey suit and they fit true to size maybe a titch small. They are both wearing 6-7 here and they’re going to be growing out of them real quick, sad!!


These suits are super thick and hold their shape so well. These would be perfect for a wedding or all day event because they look good for hours even with rough play like these boys are always doing.Roco Suits

You can see these suits have a nice slim cut which we love and vented back jackets

Roco Suits Comparing lost teeth:Roco SuitsThen best part of Roco Suits is the variety. They have SO many different patterns, combinations and fabrics. Check them all out here!

Dash’s Shoes // Hayes’ Boots


  1. on August 29, 2016 at 7:50 am said:

    Love these! They are so cute! Have any of your ordered for a toddler? Their sizing is a little different plus the wedding is a few months out so I’m wondering I should wait to buy? Mine will be 20 months and almost 3. Thanks!

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