sheepdog classic

We posted it about this last year without enough time and you locals told us to give you more heads up next time, so here we are! This next Labor Day Weekend the Soldier Hollow Classic is back! If you’re looking for something unique to do with your family, this is it! Enjoy the beauty of Midway, Utah and (we have a Tiny Tour for Midway here! It’s 3 years old but still got some good recs!)1441338783211

In addition to watching the competition (the Splash Dogs are so fun!) you can also go to the International Food Court, watch Navajo Weaving, Gardening Tutorials, and Exotic Animal Show, a Bagpipe Performance (each day at 11 am!) and a ton of activities geared just toward kids. Check out the schedule here. And buy your tickets here! Seriously so cheap, $44 for your entire family for the whole three day event!

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