FRYday: Nicole

Hi friends,
Im so happy its Friday. Ever since school started, and having a first grader now, I’ve been extra grateful for a weekend break. For the kids sake and for mine. Is anyone else having a rough time with their little ones adjusting to a full day of school? Its breaking my heart. The natural me wants to pull him out, wrap him up in my arms and whisk him back home early everyday. But, against my will, I’m letting him stick it out. He comes home pretty overwhelmed. He’s in a Spanish Immersion program, and IT IS INTENSE. My sweet little boy is handling it better than I am. Really. Has anyone enrolled their first graders in an immersion program? I would LOVE to hear your tips and ways you’ve been able to support them in it sans tears.

Life right now is just, a little overwhelming in general. Im preparing for a move, overcoming a hard breakup. (Anyone single out there? Do you feel like with each break up it hurts deeper an deeper?) I feel like I get closer and closer to finding the man to join Dash, Sunny and I’s world, and each time it fails, my heart sinks deeper and deeper. This one had me feeling like I had really done it. Like heartaches were over. It kills me that im back at square one.

The kids and I just finished our evening prayers. We prayed longer than usual.  We thanked our Father in Heaven for SO MANY THINGS. We have so many blessings. SO, so many. Sometimes I feel like I get on top of things in my life, and then I’m knocked down in order to recognize all the blessings I do have. I am not yet, but will soon be, grateful for another trial to put things into perspective for me again.

I haven’t been doing much shopping, reading, cooking or anything but survival mode. So have nothing new to share. But, here are some shots that have been on snapchat lately, its really the only social media I’m any good at updating.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 7.06.37 PM

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  1. Heather Farnsworth:
    on September 2, 2016 at 2:19 pm said:

    Hey Nicole, so much love for you. We’re getting ready to get our family photos for the year and it always makes me think of you and those magical moments you captured over 7 years ago! Still love them today. Hope you start to feel more like your amazing self soon. I’ll have to search you out on snapchat (:

  2. Rachel Hagen:
    on September 2, 2016 at 2:45 pm said:

    Sending love to one of the strongest women I know. When we moved here, Sam started full day too. It was so.hard. And they even speak the same language! 😂 A long day+a lot of change is hard on the little ones, and I agree; you just want to bundle them up and protect them. I’m sure it’ll take weeks (! 😢) but he’ll be so lucky to hav such an amazing skill. He’s already lucky to have you for a mum. Sending much love. xoxo

  3. Agustina:
    on September 5, 2016 at 8:32 am said:

    Thank you for posting this and letting us know about your vulnerability. You are an awesome woman, it really shows. lots of love.

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