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National Teddy Bear Day is coming this Friday September 9th!! To celebrate we’ve partnered with Build-A-Bear Workshop to gift one lucky winner $100 to create their perfect bear friend. If you go in to a store Friday,  every $5 bear purchased, Build-A-Bear Workshop will donate one furry friend to Toys for Tots in the U.S.!Mixters15_TeddyBearDay_v2When our kids were small we always hoped they’d find that perfect friend, something soft and sweet they could tote around and nap with. Something to comfort them in the car or at the doctor, something they felt ownership over and proud of. Something to control and be in charge of when they felt like they were too small to do anything. Our boys have all had different things to love on, whether it was Jude and Quinn’s blanket “cozies”, Hayes and his Pooh Bear (that he still sleeps with at age 6!) or Sunny who latched on tight to an oversized plastic Gru from Despicable Me for a year or so.916x916_celebrate FINALSo, today we are excited to give a family a chance to create that special friend at Build-A-Bear! Find a store near you here. Join the celebration by following @BuildABear on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share your favorite teddy bear and Build-A-Bear Workshop memories using #NationalTeddyBearDay all week long!

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