Rugs + Updates + Simplicity

By Nicole.

A few weeks ago I mentioned we were preparing for a move. Well good news. We are staying put! We decided we love the roots we have planted here, and it isn’t time to leave. SO, now that we are going to be here a while, we are going to do some updating. I will try and keep you posted as we make changes around the house. As this first change is a small one, it makes a profound difference to our main living area.ncc_8486

I added this new rug from Rug Expedition We have gone from minimal, to loud, and now back to minimal for our living room. I like how this feels. Its hand braided and adds a simplistic look. Our life moto right now is keep things simple, haha, really though. Saying no to the unnecessary and yes to all things peaceful and good. Hello, pretty new rug, We are glad to have you!

ncc_8484We have a concrete floor that has been super cool and fun, but its cold and we are seeking cozy for this coming winter, so large rugs are a must! We may lay a new wood floor, too. Stay tuned!ncc_8479

Rug Safari CorporationThanks Rug Expedition for this pretty add!

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