Learning Songs

By Nicole.

This summer as we road tripped to and from the beach, to grandmas and other locations near and far, we realized we were spending an awful lot of time in the car. We always listen to music, it’s uplifting and happy music, but still, its sort of just killing time, right? About halfway through the summer I started to explore other options. I knew the kids still wanted MUSIC. They love to sing, but I wanted them to learn while at it. Thus inspired our learning playlist.

I hope these songs, and this Podcast ( my kids are silent and completed tuned in while listening, every time! ) will help you feel better about all the time spent behind the wheel! It sure has us! (If you’re on your phone you can access it here through Spotify as well, just not on your computer. Here is the computer version.)

Any songs to add? Comment below!

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