READING: Alli Webb’s new book! If you’ve EVER been to the DryBar you’ll love it, if you’ve ever wanted good hair you’ll love it, if you love incredible images you’ll love it, if you love beauty you’ll love it. Trust me, you’ll love it. She is one of the best stylists in the business and gives ALL her hair secrets in this beautifully laid out book. Available for pre order now!

WATCHING: Tonight we’ll all be glued to our televisions watching Shark Tank!! It’s always a fun show to watch but tonight some of our very dearest and best girls Shelly & Kara will be debuting their swimsuit, Raising Wild. The Utah girls will be partying with them and I”ll be all alone on my California couch rooting them on!!! Also they’re having a killer Shark Tank Sale so get them before the whole world wants a piece of this action.

WEARING: I’ve been posting all over the damn Internet about these sunglasses for months but now they’re on sale for $66!! They’re sunglasses so nice I’ve bought them twice. For real! I have the Black Matte and Matte and either one are incredible. You won’t see them this cheap again or for very long.

Obviously flannel is always the rage in the Fall but man oh man amazon is killing it with this selection. EVERY color imaginable and only $9-12 depending. Unreal. Order all the colors.

Have you seen Sarah Jessica Parker’s new line? It’s insane awesome. And while a higher price point, it’s flawless as all SJP things are. This bootie is unreal and I’m LIVING for this Olive color for Fall.

These jeans I wear every day. Thats NOT an exaggeration. They’re so perfect because they/re high rise, distressed and the perfect cropped ankle. Nuff said.

DECORATING: I wasn’t going to decorate for Fall (who am I kidding) and then I went to Target. Mic drop on ALL their fall decor. 

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