trick or cheese

By Emily. This post is sponsored by Mini Babybel®, as always all opinions are our own!

When I was younger my mom was notorious for giving out non-candy items at Halloween. In fact I think she still does! It took me until my early teenage years to realize because I did   my own trick-or-treating and didn’t think to pillage my own house’s supply. But, when I realized I of course was like, so embarrassed. Thirteen year olds are so delightful, right? babybel3Since then I’ve seen her give away whole apples, bags of popcorn, plastic dracula teeth and other cheap party store trinkets. And now that I’m a mom I totally get it. Kids don’t need MORE candy, man. My younger self would be seriously shaking her head at me. This is definitely not the first or last thing my mom did that I swore I wouldn’t do. But, here I am sharing and stoked about a Halloween snack to help balance that candy diet. (Now I sound like her, too!)

Mini Babybel® has new festive packaging just in time for your next party or lunch box or afternoon snack! Lately my kids are loving a cheese plate after school so I surprised them with this.babybel2They were obsessed with these limited edition Mini Babybel® cheeses and you better think twice if you think of unwrapping the red-wax packaging for them. 😉 I love how they’re perfectly portioned too, with other cheeses we waste so much because they can’t quite get the right serving size for their preference.babybelFind all seven flavors on their site and check your local grocer for their festive Halloween wrappers, too!babybel4


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