8 baby carrier halloween costumes

Halloween with a baby and older kids can be tricky! Some parents might split up or have on stay home, but if you’re committed to trick-or-treating as a family this is the post for you! Pushing a stroller is great for Halloween night until you get to stairs, so we’ve found that baby wearing is your best bet for keeping up with your big kids. These baby carrier Halloween costumes are hilarious and so inventive!

First you need a carrier. You know we love the Ergo! I have used this nearly everyday of Raleigh’s 4 months. Russ loves it, too. It’s been such a big help with my transition to three kids and I love that he’s getting to the size where I can flip him around and look at the world since he’s constantly craning his neck anyway. 😉 Find their color selection here! We have the gray Adapt and the linen and love both.Baby Carrier Halloween Costume Ideas Baby Carrier Halloween Costume Ideas

Then you just need some felt, safety pins, glue and a killer idea. Here are EIGHT of our favorites from around the web:

baby carrier halloween

10 Baby Carrier Halloween Costumes


10 Baby Carrier Halloween Costumes

10 Baby Carrier Halloween Costumes

10 Baby Carrier Halloween Costumes

10 Baby Carrier Halloween Costumescarriers5


Presidential Debate //  Humpty Dumpty // Rosie the Riveter // Mama Bee Rounded up 35 of these babies, where we found the Rocket, Popcorn and Plane // Today’s Parent created the shark and bee keeper here!

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