FRYday: Nicole

Hey friends!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that Emily and Jenna and I take turns in the spotlight each Friday. It seems like ages since I’ve been writing a Fryday post. Happy to be here to chat about my recent favorites things!untitled-1

On my table, always. This. I met the founder of Soma last year at a retreat in San Francisco. Thats when I knew life would never be the same. They just released this gorgeous water bottle that I am literally dead over. NOTHING is more perfect.

On the floor in Dash and Sunny’s room is this pretty rug!

In the concrete hallway for this cool fall weather I added this runner.

I created a little study/lounge room upstairs next to my bedroom. Currently I’m sitting in this pretty thing! Next I want to buy this black one for downstairs in the living room.

These are little wild, but sometimes I’m down with some wild sunnies. The tortoise keeps them tame.

Im loving clogs this fall, I especially appreciate the extra height these platforms give me, when I’m feeling a little frump.

AAAANNNNNDDDD that’s a wrap!

Love ya!


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