FRYday: Jenna

I’ll admit you guys this FryDAY may be kinda bleak. I am on a strict (new) budget and it’s equal parts exciting and horrifying. You should see my nails, it’s like I’m a 9 year old again. Any money saving tips out there? I’m looking under cushions to find pennies to beat the system but looks like Dave Ramsey has a hold of my life in a big way! goingawayparty

How incredible are these sunglasses!? And only $12 from Amazon Prime. SCORE. I think Dave will approve.

I’ve also talked a billion times about these jeans but they truly are the only ones you should ever buy. I can’t stop saying it, so I won’t.

I’ve been running around town telling every living person to read this book. It is truly magnificent and I’m sure that’s why Oprah chose it for her book club! As a note there is some strong language and content but it is a strong message as well. It’s not really a book about marriage to me, more a book about forgiveness. Forgiving ourselves and others is really how we heal I think.

I recently was honored to record a podcast that turned out alright. If you’re bored and want to take a listen you should. I talk a lot about our work here on Small Fry and my relationships with Nicole & Emily. You should at least listen to see if I hate them or not 😉 I am Episode 82.

I’m not sure how this is humanly possible but one of my favorite dresses ever is on sale…Like 60% off on sale. Get it.

I’ve been obsessing over these shoes….they are seriously incredible. Size down and use code JENNA20 for 20% off. And this is the only sweater I’ll be wearing this winter, which subsequently match the shoes 🙂

That’s it y’all! I hope you all make it an excellent week. I’m going to leave you with a quote that I’m obsessed with from ‘Love Warrior’ cause I really think it’s everything.

“You will meet plenty of people who are pretty but haven’t yet learned how to be beautiful. They will have the right look for the times but they will not glow. Beautiful women glow. When you are with a beautiful women you might not notice her hair or skin or body or clothes, because you’ll be distracted by the way she makes you feel. She will be so full of beauty that you will feel some of it overflow onto you. You’ll feel warm and safe and curious around her. Her eyes will twinkle a little and she’ll look at you really closely, because beautiful wise women know that the quickest way to fill up with beauty is to soak in another human being. Women who are concerned with being pretty think about what they look LIKE, but women who are concerned with being beautiful think about what they’re looking AT.”


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  1. Lindsay:
    on October 28, 2016 at 10:18 am said:

    We’re finishing our second month on a cash budget and it’s been great and terrible all at the same time. One perk is that I’m constantly purging things I don’t love to sell on Facebook or Craigslist to get some extra cash! I’d love to hear what you’ve tried 🙂

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