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November, HOW? This year has flown by and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Here’s what I’ve been up to:emfryFeeling: Let’s get these feelings out first, yeah? I don’t even want to mention the E word, but the election has seriously aged me 10 years. It feels so heavy and ominous like it will never be the same. I will for sure never be the same. It cracked open something in me that I have pushed down for years, and that is the bubbling injustice I feel and see toward woman, STILL! And that’s not even talking about the candidates. Having and sharing my opinion has shown me some of the ugliest types of people. I always wonder, where are the moderate thinkers of the world? Why is there only the most staunch right/left wing types and seemingly nothing in between? I’d like to think its because moderate thinkers don’t feel the need to voice their every whim, but I am not sure. It makes me so worried as a parent, how are my kids going to thrive in this environment. This post got real heavy real fast, but it has been on my mind. Anyone else feeling any of this?

GIFTING: Oprah’s Favorite Things list is on Amazon today and how I miss that lady on my TV! Love this tassel keychain, don’t tell my friends but gonna buy a bunch for Christmas. So cute! See the full list here.

WEARING: My fall go-to… Loose fit sweater + high waisted skinnies. High waisted denim is the key to a post-partum figure I only wish I didn’t waste my time buying low rise lately. Jenna showed me these and I love!! So stretchy but they keep everything in nice and tight. I’ve spent lots on sweaters and I’ve bought super cheap ones too and honestly I prefer the lower end. I don’t get so mad when they lose their shape or ball up. H&M never fails me. Juuust enough synthetic materials to stay looking great.sweater

Glitter Khaki // Lace-up for a little edge // Olive mock neck with interesting ribbing // Soft pink to mix it up // Perfect Cream sweater // Bright red – I LOVE this with a deep burgundy, such great color combo for fall. I’ll style it for you soon so you can see what I mean. // A loose mock for those of you who hate stuff tight around your neck. // Frill for a little more femininity

READING: I told you all about the movie Suffragette, and I couldn’t stop there. Since the movie was telling the story of the movement in London, I grabbed “Century of Struggle” which covers more of the US perspective. I can’t stress enough how much this re-educating has meant to me.

DECORATING: Each holiday we really try to focus on service at our house. Doing something each day for someone else has changed the holidays for me and hopefully my kids, too. It will be interesting this year with a baby but I picked up this grateful tree ($5!) frrom Caravan Shoppe even on the days I can’t venture out but we can still keep the conversation going.draw-together-thankful-treeEATING: I think I’ve shared here before that Raleigh cannot be full. He’s my first kid where nursing has been a challenge simply because I don’t make enough milk. Needless to say I was relieved to hear my pediatrician say “Time for solids!” We’ve only just started but here’s my favorite feeding accessories. These rinse-off bibs are genius and the adjustable neck strap is so convenient and not irritating. Bamboo spoons in bright colors and his favorite oatmeal with probiotics!  It’s always so fun to start this stage!raleigh

LISTENING: Regina Spektor released a new album after forever. I bought her first album Soviet Kitsch the year I gradutated high school, so like back when the dinosaurs roamed. She’s just as good as ever, sweet yet brazen.


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  1. Love this post. I FEEL you. This election has cracked open something in me too. I’ve talked a lot about this election with friends from home (extreme left) and my own family members (extreme right) and I feel like I’m alone. Ppl are so obsessed with defending “their” candidate and “their” party that they seem to disregard reason. I fear for my children too :/ thanks for speaking up and helping me feel less alone. You’re such a good writer Emily. Also, on a lighter note 😉 thanks for the links to sweaters I’m about to click on over and get some (hm is killin it). xoxo

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