By Emily.

These opportunities are our very favorite here at Small Fry and we’re so grateful to Luvs for  sponsoring to making it happen! We reached out to you readers a few weeks ago looking for a deserving mama and boy oh boy did we find one – expecting TRIPLETS none the less! She’s going to need a lot of Luvs and we were grateful to be able to provide some of their Ultra Leakguard with NightLock Plus, because she’ll already be changing a lot of them, making sure that she’s not changing outfits due to leaks, too! On top of that Luvs users save $150/year and when you hear her story (the triplets isn’t event the crazy part!) you’ll know why Luvs is the perfect fit!

Want to meet her?#WhatULuvThis is Akam. Akam is sunshine in a tiny pregnant bottle. She’s 6 months along and having three lucky little ladies. Akam is from Cameroon and here on a work visa. Her husband needed to travel back to Cameroon to get some things ironed out with his own Visa and when he got there he was unable to come back. WHAT?!ALDI Part of his application process is delayed and they let him know it could take months, or even years. Akam lives here without family (but does have loving friends we met, like Esther pictured below) and is anxiously waiting for her husband’s return.#WhatULuv Having one baby without family or your partner would be hard enough, but Akam is having three! The very best part about Akam is that you wouldn’t even know she had a stress in the world. She is so happy, truly happy from within, and so sweet. We loved her the second we met her and were so grateful to help her with a little bit of her triplet’s needs. Luvs offers a money back guarantee as well, but their studies show that more second time moms choose Luvs over any other#WhatULuvOf course as soon as we reached out to some friends about Akam’s situation we were able to gift her with some fun extras! Passy Clips sent these beautiful leather pacifier clips and Natursutten binkies for each of them. June & January gave awesome bath towels and changing pad covers! We added simple white onesies and of course Luvs galore.

Edit: So many of you have reached out regarding Akam, and if you want to help her with supplies or funds please let us know in the comments and we’ll get you her address! xo



  1. Natalie:
    on November 8, 2016 at 9:32 am said:

    Would love to help out any way we can!

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