Nick Jr.

By Emily.

 I was compensated for attending this event sponsored by Nick Jr. and The thoughts and opinions below are my own. 

A few weekends ago I took my boys to Nick Jr.’s Mega Playdate with Blaze and Shimmer and Shine! My boys LOVE Blaze and the Monster Machines and as much as they claim not to like “girl shows” guess what show never gets turned off when it’s on? Shimmer and Shine, ha!screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-10-10-39-am

Both my boys are obsessed with cars. They alternate between monster trucks, matchbox cars, RC cars, and they make tracks and jumps everyday it seems.  So what I love about Blaze is that they explain the HOW and WHY cars do what they do. I always smile when I hear the show describing things like force, trajectory, friction, etc. I also love that the female characters are in on the action, too. Shows marketed for girls seem to take on such a different subject matter and I don’t understand why! STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects are hot topics as of late, and this show seems so easy to grasp for my kids while still being exciting!img_8453

For those who asked here are some of the toys we got to test out at the event. It seems each year we get the most questions on what to get boys for the Holidays so here’s a few great ideas to log away! I am all about supporting the merch for shows that I know are good for my kids, too! blaze2

The Flip and Race speedway has levers, flips, jumps, and more. Super fun and great for 3-5 year olds I’d say! //This Mega Bloks set brings together two of my boys’ faves: blocks + jumps! It comes with lots of pieces to create all kinds of set-ups. Pickle! My boys love him and he’s a great standard monster truck that fits in all their other tracks, too. // Always on the hunt for fun bath toys! // This is the remote control car you saw on our Facebook page, its controlled by a watch and my boys are obsessed with it! // Another fun race set that gets a buddy in on the action.

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