15 Scout Elves at Play

Brought to you by Elf on the Shelf! Check out their new Idea Book and Accessories Pack “Scout Elves at Play” here!

Did you know that we have a few extra “sons” we’ve never formally introduced you all to? Meet Chip and Cringey!Small Fry | @ericapatten@ericapatten

We adopted them a few Christmases ago and are kids are always extra excited when they make the trek down from the North Pole to spend the Holiday season with us! Of course we love having them around because they keep an extra eye on our wild bunch and remind them Santa is always watching. Small Fry | @ericapatten


This season Santa himself sent us an extra special kit “Scout Elves At Play” along with our Elf sons to help make their stay extra exciting. We had to share it with a few of our other friends with their own adopted Elves and today we get to share all the fun they’ve been having ever since!Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf


@rashellejohannson | Small Fry@rashellejohansson

If you don’t know the story of the Elf on the Shelf, Santa allows a handful of his best elves to stay with boys and girls across the world to keep an eye on them and help create extra fun and excitement around the Holidays. Once they’re adopted and named they are magic! And no human hand can touch them or they lose their charm. Small Fry | 15 Elf on the Shelf Ideas


So of course this accessory kit makes their excitement extra easy to accomplish, which they appreciate (and so do us moms.) Each night our Elf kids find magic and fun while we sleep and we get to discover what they’ve been up to each night. Catch some more from our fellow mamas who live for this tradition like we do!@rashellejohannson | Small Fry


The tags that come in the kit help remind kids to do good deeds and be extra nice. @dearlizzy’s elf is reminding her kids to brush those teeth!Elf on the Shelf Elf on the Shelf

More Scout Elf fun after the jump!

Elf on the Shelf


Small Fry | 15 Elf on the Shelf Ideas


Small Fry | 15 Elf on the Shelf Ideas


@rashellejohannson | Small Fry


Elf on the Shelf


Elf on the Shelf


Nicole, Emily and Jenna of course representing Small Fry shot at home and Nicole’s Studio @thestudiofortysix!

@ericapatten: We adopted Ginger and she always greets us for the first time each year  white powered donuts and hot chocolate from the North Pole. She likes to paint my girls finger/toenails when they are asleep. And she travels with us to Grandma’s house for Christmas a few hours away!

*Erica is our flawless friend for many years and has the best taste and most beautiful feed full of her 4 amazing daughters and their adventures!

@rashellejohansson: Our elf Falafel is rules the roost during the Holidays and without his help I’d be “calling Santa” probably every day! The more precarious situations he gets in the better for my 4 boys!

*Rashelle and Emily run @bijoumarket together which is back this next weekend in Provo, Utah!


Bri is our real life bestie and graphic designer (she might wish that last part away since we call on her usually very last minute) but she has the best taste and always makes magic for her kids 365 days a year, Christmas is no exception!


*Little known fact, Liz is Emily’s sister-in-law! Try not to smile at Liz’s fun and sweet feed! Of course her blog is beautiful and her line of scrapbooking products will entice even the worst memory keeper in all of us.

And lastly, here is what you’ll find in the Scout Elves at Play kit! Tons of ideas as well as these fun accessories:

Tags, Twine, Seating options, Suction cup belts and shoes and more!

Scout Elves At Play



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