Holiday Gift Guide: Boys

Happy Thanksgiving week…we are so excited it’s here! We definitely aren’t skipping over Turkey Day because it’s such a favorite to enjoy with family in gratitude. But if you’re anything like us it’s time to get holiday shopping, too and we love to make it easy for you! First up in our Holiday Gift Guide is, gifts for boys!boys

Compass Crate // We are ABSOLUTELY obsessed with these fun adventure boxes and know your boys will be too. Whether it’s learning about gems, plants or the seasons, there is something for everyone to enjoy (your girls too!)

Hot Wheels Play Tape Track // Race your Hot Wheels cars everywhere with innovative, new Hot Wheels Play Tape Track! Instantly create an imaginative racetrack anytime, anywhere. And BONUS only $3.99!

Discovery Space Center // This was on our gift guide last year and it’s on it again this year! We love this beautiful wooden space center that will provide hours of play and yet still be beautiful in your kid’s room.

Micro Mini Scooter // You might think it’s crazy to pay this much for  scooter but trust us when we say these things are indestructible. Some of our kids even enjoy their scooters over bikes and they’ve lasted for YEARS! Easy to ride, these are the BEST scooter on the market.

Lego White House // Politics are kindaaaa messy right now, so let’s get positive about it and build the White House! We love this innovative cool Lego set that also gives us a teaching opportunity!

Cozmo Robot // Your boys will freak for this interactive robot they can literally talk to! A built in play mate, we think that’s wroth it’s weight in gold!

LED High Top // We know, we know, you’d never be caught DEAD putting your kids in light up shoes…but gone are the days of the old school ones. These new LED ones are all the range, affordable and will be a hit! We’ve been seeing them all over Disneyland on whole families at night and think it’s such a cute idea!

Tegu Magnets // We’ve been huge fans of Tegu for a long time because well they last a LONG time. These durable, high quality, wood magnets are a grade above anything else on the market. They provide hours of fun, creative and quiet play. This set was also on our gift guide last year and graces it again this year because they’re just so good.

Have any suggestions for what to give YOUR boys? Leave a comment!


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