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By Emily. I love to give a few books to the boys each Christmas. It might not be their very favorite gift under the tree, but I want them to know how valuable they are and they should be treated like a gift! Brevity was never my strong suit, so here’s three guides filled with favorite titles. Broken down by the WORLD, HUMAN EXPERIENCE, and ACTIVITY. Add your favorites in the comments below! And find all our past book recommendations here.


This is the World! — I read this with Hayes almost every night, he is so curious and loves hearing about new places. // Julia Rothman’s Nature Anatomy — Her books are incredible and suck everyone in. // 50 States — Learn info about each state with awesome illustrations. // Out of Sight — great for younger kids, teaches about animals with the element of surprise. // Before and After — Cause and Effect in nature // Technicolor Treasure Hunt //

BOOKS ABOUT FEELINGS AND EXPERIENCES: Kids Book Guides - Books for the Human Experience Home — Written by the Decembrists’ Colin Meloy’s wife 😉 a beautiful book that talks about the various places people can live. Great for family’s who are moving, too! // King Baby — for families with new babies or babies on the way! Hilarious. // The Heart and the Bottle — A sweet story that talks about loss and staying open when we’re hurting. // I Can Do It Myself! (The whole Empowerment Series) — Great for toddlers with budding independence. // Vincent’s Starry Night – Children’s Art History Story Book — teach the stories behind art masterpieces. // Sparkle and Spin — A classic and so beautifully illustrated, all about words. // What Do Grown-ups Do All Day? — A book to teach about jobs and responsibilities // The Snowy Day — race and predjudice consciousness.

ACTIVITY BOOKS: (We did a whole post about these here, but added a few more to the list!) Holiday themed, this one is the best hands-down. So fun and makes the most darling ornaments!


activityPaint By Stickers — this has been a huge hit at our house, we LOVE working on them together!// Make & Move Robots – Pop Out Puppets // Pop Up Shadow Search — Shine a flashlight on them, search the shadows, lots of fun! // Pierre the Maze Detective Coloring Book — like I-Spy but you color it too! // Stickyscapes: Paris (All Stickyscapes titles here) — These are so fun and interactive, and amazing looking. // Under the Ocean Pop-up Book — One of the most beautiful books I own. I die over it!  Close up below.// Ocean Coloring Book — another awesome coloring book! //61nmpjq54l

Need more ideas for Coloring Books? Laurence King Publishing has the best collections! Our friend Brittany has published two botanical books!


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    So adorable! My daughter is 7 months and I’m slowly growing her book collection for when she’s a little older!

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