What’s In My Camera Bag

By Nicole brought to you by Focus Camera, where I get all my camera supplies!

When I was 18, my first friend was getting married. I picked up my Nikon film camera and went to work to cut costs for her. It went beautifully and I fell in love with wedding photography. I spent the next 12 years shooting almost every weekend. What started out as favors for friends and family turned into my career. I transitioned from film to digital work in 2005. I always prefer the look of the grains of film over the pixels of digital, but the ease of post processing and lessened costs of shooting with digital outweighed the appearance of those beautiful circular grains that only shooting film can achieve.

When I became a single mother in 2013, photographing weddings began to be less of a passion, and more of a necessary task to do to keep my family afloat. But as we all know, when a passion because a pressure things change. My work went downhill, and my anxiety about showing up to photograph a 3-day wedding began to be too much. I couldn’t be away from my kids for that long, and something needed to change. That is when Small Fry budded!untitled-3

I transitioned out of weddings to almost strictly lifestyle work. Now, THIS is where my passion resides. Lifestyle and editorial photography is what I enjoy and where I spend 90% of my working hours.

Often people email in to Small Fry and ask about my equipment. So, I wanted to put together a post to share links to all of the go-to lenses and my most favorite camera body and accessories. Although I have used many, this is what my current camera bag carries. These pieces are essential and to be honest, I don’t imagine ever needing much more. My list is simple, and not the most expensive equipment on the market, but it does the job perfectly.

First the body. A Nikon D 750.

Battery grip has become a game changer for me. I shoot a lot of my images portrait over landscape, so having this second trigger saves me. Plus the extra battery life gives me peace of mind. You can buy them in accessory bundles like this or get them standalone also!

My go-to lens I use for just about everything the Nikon 24-70 2.8.

For low light I always break out the Nikon 50mm 1.4

Back up lens the 50mm 1.8. Its inexpensive and takes almost as beautiful of photos as the 1.4. I would recommend this lens to anyone. Especially beginning photographers.

Reflectors, although I rarely need then when shooting in Studio, I use them often outdoors. You can never depend on evenly dispersed light outside. Tripods I use sparingly but are a must have. Especially when shooting video footage which the Nikon D750 does beautifully. Less than $20 on Focus and will keep everything looking great!

Check out Focus for the best in camera supplies, and be sure to leave a comment if you have any questions! xo – Nicole

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