Give Please A Chance: Please Jar

By Nicole, this post is sponsored by Jimmy Patterson Books.

My kids are visual learners. If there isn’t something in their face, hands and mouth, it’s hard for them to grasp what is trying to be taught. With Christmas coming, they seem to be getting a slightly more demanding, naturally, but it isn’t welcome. Give please a chance came in the mail just as we started our Please and Thank you Jar.

untitled-5Dash and Sunny each have their own jar and their own pile of felt balls. When they go out of their way to say please, thank you, or simply be kind to someone they get to toss a ball into the jar. At the end of each day they earn a small prize depending on the amount of balls in the jar. We start fresh with an empty jar each morning. To see their progress has made a world of a difference. And such a simple concept!untitled-4In Give Please a Chance, numerous illustrators share a moment in a childs life where using the word “please” comes in handy. Here are a couple pages:gpac_santagpac_doguntitled-4Join a long with as us we do our best to make this world a happier place by raising children with manners better than our own. You can get your copy of Give Please a Chance at here.

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