Modern Ornament: A DIY

Im a minimalist to a fault. Especially in my home decor, which becomes a problem during the Holidays. I see most Christmas decor as clutter, and my kids relentlessly bother me to add more! Our tree has strands of felt balls, white lights, and thats the extent of it. Bah Humbug!

This year we added these modern, simple, wooden ornaments that we made from scratch.


I stuck to black and white with the natural wood, but I would love to see them in other colors, or even staining the wood to a dark rich brown.


Here is what you need:

Wood sticks, round and square // paint // gold nail eyes for hanging // painters tape to tape off areas of the wood where you don’t want the paint // small paint brush

I had the men at home depot cut the wood for me in 4 inch pieces. You could do longer, or shorter! I think any length would be so rad! The project cost me $30 and i ended up with 20 ornaments which was the perfect amount for our 6 foot tree.


Enjoy and have a merry minimal Christmas!

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