End of Year: Nicole

2016, cue the roller coaster emoji followed by a whole line of heart eyes.  The ups and downs of a roller coaster always end with the most smooth and controlled part of the whole ride. Im so blessed to be ending 2016  just that way.

Dash and Sunny and I have learned so much this year. We have collected new friends and new relationships that will last a life time and longer. We cherish these relationships. I have always said that the people in my world are rarely just friends, they are FAMILY. Everyone that is dear to us is our family, and there is nothing we hold nearer to our hearts.


With Dash starting first grade and Sunny (who decided he wants to go by his real first name Finn while at school) finishing preschool this year, we have all been full of emotions. As all of you mothers know, sending your oldest off to a full day of school is a form of heart wrenching you’ve never experienced before. While simultaneously feeling so much joy as we watch them as such proud mothers. They are strong and confident and able to skip off happily to a full day of learning, because of what we mothers have instilled in them. Confidence. Im so proud of my big strong Dash. His bravely truly has been a rock in our life.

Sunny I mean Finn, wink, has kept us laughing, running, playing and cleaning. The boy never lets a dull moment enter our life, and although exhausting, what a JOY to have a child that forces me to happiness and positivity each day.


Over these 3 years of being single, I have grown more than I have in my entire life. A close friend and I talk often about the hardest most grueling parts of life that we wouldn’t change  if we could, because in those times is when we grow and learn so rapidly. Parts of our mind are strengthened in those dark times and ultimately we are being refined. Being made into the very best people we can. The person our Father in Heaven has in mind for us to be. Someone greater than we can become on our own. All the podcasts, Ted talks, weights and beauty products in the world cant make us into the person God has in store for us. To step back and embrace the refiners fire is very hard, but beautiful thing.

Small Fry, my photo studio and other projects have also been such a joy this year. Working so closely with two of my best friends that truly are sisters to me is a blessing every.single.day. And to have a readership like YOU who keep us afloat, who keep up motivated to share, create and dedicate time to this job is the only reason we are here. THANK YOU ALL for reading. Thank you all for being the mothers, fathers, grandparents and humans that you are. Striving to do your best everyday and create a beautiful world and safe place for your families and all of your people.

Happy Holidays everyone! 2017 is going to be GOLD.

Love, Nicole

Photography by Becky Kimball 



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