Favorite Finds 2016: Jenna

Excited to share some of my MVP’s of 2016, hope you enjoy!


I lived for basics this year. I tossed around a capsule wardrobe but that’s a bit extreme for me. I’ve been doing a ton of dejunking and trying to live minimally best I can so I only left the best of the best in my closet. If you follow me on Instagram or my individual page here then you will already be well aware of my favorites.


These jeans: They are perfect and I can’t stress it enough. They’re high waisted and the perfect length, especially if your’e a shorty like me. I have them in several different washed and can’t see myself buying any other style soon.

These sunglasses: I’ve sold practically everyone I know on them. I stumbled in to Nordstrom one day and found them, loved them so much and they had no price tag. I assumed they’d be $150 plus so when I found out they were $80 for such a good looking sunglass I was shocked! I lost my first pair but have bought another pair since because I love them that much.


These shoes: These are some of the more pricy shoes I’ve bought (I’m not an expensive clothing girl) and so I took a plunge but they are sooooo worth it. I’d venture to say I’ve worn them 50 times in the six months I’ve owned them. They are sexy, versatile and so comfortable. I travel in them, Disney in them and date night in them. If you’re in need of a good close toe shoe that’s not necessarily a full on boot – these are your best bet. The indigo is on sale here.

White T: I’ve been pretty much looking for a crew neck white T like I used to sport in Junior High all year. I finally found one at of course the most classic of white T store’s. This shirt is so well made, thick and flattering on. You can never have to many white T’s.


This jacket: I bought it at the NSale but it’s lived on in my  heart ever since. I wear it EVERY where. It was another expensive purchase for me but has been well worth it. A leather jacket is truly a staple needed in everyone’s closet.

Yoga Pants: I lived for athleisure in 2016 (well every year since 2010) and these pants rose to the top of all leggings ever amen. SO flattering, not see through, thin enough for the gym but thick enough to wear out, they are the MVP of life eternal for me!

My husband is a MAJOR shoe junkie and I have been having a major Adidas phase. I still love my Nike’s but I find that the Adidas are actually way more comfortable and they have some styles I am obsessed with RN.


I had my eyebrows micro bladed earlier in the year by Allure Artistry and it was truly one of the BEST decisions ever. That and eyelash extensions make being fresh as a busy Mom THAT much easier. Brows on fleek for the carpool lane guys.


Essential Oils of course were a huge part of my year, I use them a thousand times a day. You can read more about that part of my life here and join our community if you’re wanting to get started! The new year is full of health goals for people and essential oils are SUCH a great thing to integrate.


This scrub is high on my list of things to love. Kayti from The Beyouty Bureau gave it to me as a gift years ago and I’ve been loving it ever since. I give it away to anyone I can, it is miracle in a bottle and all natural.



Love Warrior was a huge favorite for me this year. Lots of life lessons taught.

Rising Strong of course by my girl Brene.

Leaders Eat Last because Simon has my heart.

And of course anything LDS General Conference.


This list would be embarrassingly long, but I did my best to pick the best of the best. I went through my Amazon orders and am listing the top 5 things you need that you don’t know that you do.

This is life changing. If you’re constantly sore like me from the gym or just being a person, this guy will be your bestie. It is amazingggggg. And think of all the money you’ll save not going to get massages 🙂

We finally took the plunge for a video camera we will actually use. It’s been so fun to put little films together of our family. I’d been regretting that I never take video but this has solved that problem. With all the traveling we do this baby has become such a prized possession and we love the end result of watching movies! We have a couple new traveling films coming up and I”m excited to show you!

I got turned on to this clay mask by Emily and now I’m hooked. Any time my skin is having trouble I slap this baby on and get so many wonderful results. I love love love it and it lasts FOREVER.

If you’re planning to travel in 2017 with your kids, stop buying strollers and JUST BUY THIS ONE. Can you hear me shouting?! I’ve owned practically every stroller known to man kind and this one is so freaking legit. It reclines, there is a tiny basket, it can be folded small enough to be a CARRY ON and is so convenient it’s scary. Stop stressing yourself out with huge strollers and just get this one. I promise.

You might be thinking out of all my top 5 that this is the dumbest thing ever ever to include but this guy is a life safer. My babies need sound machines and the fact that we travel so much we need one that can come with us and not take a lot of room! Ya you can use apps but then your phone is tied up all night making sounds of the ocean and you don’t need that kind of pressure! I’ve loved this one so much I’ve bought it three times.

I think that about sums it up. Except it just doesn’t because I found so many good things to love in 2016, maybe a part 2 is in order! For now trust and believe that these tried and true favorites are items I just couldn’t do life without! xo -J

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  1. Christine:
    on January 6, 2017 at 12:44 pm said:

    Also a big sound machine Mama here – my girls are five and two and each have the same Sharper Image sound machine – love!

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