Loading the Dishwasher for Kids!

By Emily.

Today I am so excited to share this fun printable in partnership with Maytag! Both my kids are well into the age of chores and helping around the house and I am always lurking around the corner like a crazy person trying to decide how much to help and guide them. Do I let them figure it out, do I show them the way? Do I just re-do it after they’re done if it’s not quite there? Today’s printable will help show them the way while still keeping that sense of independence!Teaching Kids to Load the DishwasherSo, what you will do is (depending on your dishwasher, grab some waterproof tape in a handful of colors! You could also do dishwasher safe plastic colored beads, too! Mark each area with a different color, for instance, we typically put our cups up the skinny rows on the far top sides. So, marking that with blue tape and then on the printable below, you would color in the cups key blue.Dishwasher Key Printable

Once they have the key with them they can very independently load the dishwasher each time! Teaching Kids to Load the DishwasherHere is that Maytag feature I OBSESS over! It’s on their washer that we shared a couple months ago too. Hidden buttons! I love how sleek the front of this dishwasher is. Find their top control models here.Teaching Kids to Load the DishwasherYou open it up to reveal the buttons, SO genius right? I feel like its so much less distracting to the eye.  And of course, like this entire series of Maytag posts — its finger and smudge print free stainless steel! Maytag wins, everybody.Teaching Kids to Load the Dishwasher   Another feature that I have found to be super amazing is their PowerDry option. It eliminates some of the humid air while drying my dishes dry SO much better without spots and streaks. I don’t even need a rinse aid now! They promise 50% better, but in my experience its better than that!Teaching Kids to Load the Dishwasher

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