Recycle Those Candles

Doesnt it just irk you when your beautiful, delicious candles come to the end of their wick life? Im am a candle fiend, and waste so much perfectly good wax with the ending of each candle. I finally found a way to maximize the candles life! This simple trick will buy you hours more candle time. Ready? Here is what you need to start:


1. Your used candle. 2. A small shallow pot. 3. An unused birthday candle.

Most likely you already have all of this sitting around the kitchen.

Next, fill the pot with an inch or so of water.


Then set the candle into the water and place on the stove. Bring to a boil.


Once the wax melts about half way (as shown above) remove from stove and heat. I recommend NOT letting the wax melt all of the way, as the next step will take much longer.


Take one birthday candle and stick down into the wax.Since the wax wasnt fully melted, it should be stable enough to support the candle until cooled. If your wax was fully melted, you may need to stand holding the candle until the wax around it hardens enough to candle up.

And boom. When the wax is hardened, light the candle as if it was the original wick of the candle. It will burn as good as new until you’ve burned that candle silly. No more wasting perfectly good wax!

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