Small Fry Picks: Valentines Cards + Walmart Protest

By Nicole:

Raise your hand if you are still running to Walmart the night before your kids Valentines Day exchange party at school? Im embarrassed to say that some years that has been me! But WHY?! Look at these gorgeous printable and DIYS we found across the web. There are dozens of darling ones, that wont leave your kids feeling embarrassed. Here are my personal favorites! PS you still have 14 days! Lets not find ourselves at Walmart this year. Deal?

One of mine, and Dashs, very favorite from this year is this Star Wars theme, naturally:


Here are eleven more that we are drooling for!


Smores // Deer Please Bee // Pop Up // My Everything //  Lets Cuddle // Cars // You Are A Gem // I Love Cactus // Sending You My Love // Minecraft // Candles //

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  • Laura
    February 1, 2017 at 2:15 pm

    thank you so much for featuring our card <3 We're with you on skipping walmart for valentine's cards 😉


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