Mid Century Modern-ize Hack

I have had this navy blue ottoman put away in storage for years now. I love the color, but grew out of the style of it years ago. Today for our HACK we are going to turn it around, and make it into something I would LOVE to have in my home. Here we go!


Start with the piece of furniture you are ready to update. Be sure the legs will twist off and measure the width of the screws that are sicking out of the leg so you know which size of replacement legs to order. Here are the ones I chose:


Simply unscrew the legs on most newish pieces, couches or ottomans, and screw in the new legs.


Can you believe that for less that $30 and in under 10 minutes I transformed this baby into something so pretty? No power tools or men needed!


And there you have it for the Small Fry Hack of the week.





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