Small Fry Films: Sunny Turns Five

By Nicole.

To know Sunny is to love Sunny. He is a joy and light in everyone’s life and I want to be sure he always knows that. His energy is high, his ideas are wild, and often it gets him into a mess. I find my patience is short with him at times, but I’m learning more everyday how to embrace the wildness inside him.

This year for his birthday I wanted to make him something extra special. I want him to always know how much people love and adore him, which is what inspired this video. I love that he will always be able to look back, see who his friends were when he was five years old, and hear all of the reasons he is loved. I want to make this a birthday tradition for Sunny and for Dash as they grow. And so, here we present the first birthday video for Mr. Finn Sunny The Great.

We love you so much Sunny, Happy Birthday!


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