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Hey pals, Nicole here. I wanted to touch on something that I believe in, wholeheartedly. LIGHT FIXTURES! When people visit my house, they often ask about the light fixtures. I think too often that is something that is overlooked when decorating. You have a gorgeous room with a boob light on the ceiling! You know the ones, we thought they would go out with the 90’s, but they didn’t. They are still coming standard in new homes. Well guess what, it’s an easy and inexpensive fix, and a perfect way to wow the guests and update each room in your home.

This is a passionate subject for me, so we are going to take it one room at a time. Today, I’m sharing with you my very favorite large chandeliers, perfect for the living room or dining area. These could also be used in bedrooms, but due to their size, if you have a larger room needing a pop of art, a new focal point or just an exciting update, this post is for you. And best of all, all if these but the last one are under $200 AND on Amazon prime!Untitled-3

wood chandelier // sputnik brass chandelier // matte black 12 bulb // handwoven bamboo // wicker ball // gold chandelier // black spark chandelier // gold chandelier 

Show us your updates by taking a photo on Instagram and using the hashtag #smallfrylightfixtures! We would love to see them and share on our social media channels!

Happy FRYday! -Nicole


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