On Breakfast

Lets talk about breakfast. Sometimes its eggs, here and there its cereal, and not the healthy kind. (wait, did someone tell you I was the healthy Small Fry?  WRONG!) But the reality of it isn’t what is pictured here. It looks more like this: Me in jammies, and Sunny for sure in undies, if we are lucky. Typically Dash is the only one put together and we rush through it in about 5 min or less to get him out the door to school. Tell me it looks like that at your house too?

But, you know what I can do in 5 minutes? This. 4 pieces of toast (two for me duh, we don’t have a dog) and 3 green smoothies. Boom. And you know what, more often than just eggs or ultra healthy cereal, we actually accomplish a well balanced meal!


Crux sent us their new 4 Slice Toaster from their collection of stunning copper detailed appliances. If you know me, you know I love copper. But you know what I actually love even more than that that you don’t know about me? Toasting 4 slices of toast at once. WHY HAVE I NEVER HAD A 4 SLOT TOASTER BEFORE? I could have saved at least an hour or two of my life if I hadn’t been doing two slices at a time these last 30 years. Sheesh. DSC_5862

Im preaching to the choir here but there are a zillion ways to help your kiddos enjoy a green smoothie. And a zillion ways to be super sneaky, too. Like, of those zillion? Pour a couple Emergen C packets in there.



It never looks this pretty, but its always this easy. Join us!


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