Gather for Goats

So you might see a Gather For Goats party similar to this in your area, but for us Utah County locals we are getting together tomorrow afternoon to raise money to provide 800 goats to the most vulnerable Syrian refugees. You can read all about the project here in partnership with Lifting Hands International which we have followed closely for a couple years and they do amazing work! Milk with vital nutrients will make such a differenence in these young families lives!

This event was so amazing, people showed up by the hundreds, the local companies donated in droves and the raffle produced enough donations to provide money for 10 goats to those refugees! So many people were involved but Cayleen Haynie and Sarah Thompson and Shelly Hyde broke their backs to get this thing off and Nicole created this beautiful film to remember what we’re able to do when we work together.Gather for Goats

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