By Emily. Disclosure: ABCmouse sent us subscriptions but made no obligations to mention them, just wanted to share how it helped us and offer you a free month!

I have of course heard lots about ABCmouse (try it free for 30 days here!) with their commercials on my boys’ favorite channels, but it wasn’t until I heard it vouched for by my friend Kim that I tried it out! ABCmouseMy middle guy Callum has a July birthday and I hesitated big time with whether or not to start him on time for Kindergarten (making him among the youngest in his class) or putting him in the following year (making him surely one of the oldest.) I followed my mama intuition and held him back and it has been confirmed to me many times that it was the right choice. ABCmouse

In short summary Cal is his own man and learns how and when he likes, and coming off learning styles with my very different son Hayes, I felt so frustrated at how to get him to enjoy learning the way I saw Hayes do only a year previously. One thing I did know I could get Cal on board with was enjoying a game on my phone or computer! As long as we do so in very regimented routine amounts, technology has been a great motivator and teacher for him in times when I wasn’t sure how else to engage him!

ABCmouseABCmouse has been a great option for him as he gets ready for Kindergarten. After focusing on reading with him for only a week his preschool teachers both took me aside and said he had just exploded at school with his grasp on sounds and letters and his desire to read. This was the best news ever after long years of navigating what works for Cal.ABCmouse

So add my voice to the many others you’ll hear on TV or elsewhere about this awesome game! If you’re looking for a way to help your little one (it covers preschool to 2nd grade!) or you want to keep them fresh this Summer, ABC Mouse has been so awesome! They’re offering a free month right now for Small Fry readers, use this link to claim it!

ABCmouseOf course they don’t just cover reading they cover language arts, math, science, health, social studies, art, and music!

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