Charcuterie Skewers

By Nicole brought to you by Mini Babybel®.

Maybe not hard to guess but we LOVE a good charcuterie board. When we go out on dates or out with our girlfriends it’s always a must. Turns out our boys love them too! What’s not to love?Charcuterie Skewers

(Shown here: Salami, Gherkin Pickles, Sliced Pear and Olive and a side of Mini Babybel cheese!)

We’ve found it’s a great way to broaden their palette horizons and introduce new tastes and flavors to them in a format they recognize. Mini Babybel cheese is a favorite around here because it’s tasty and fun to eat! So when they asked us to come up with the perfect movie night snack in tandem with their Family Film Festival campaign with Fandango — learn more here — we knew exactly what we wanted to create! Charcuterie SkewersThe perfect charcuterie skewer! Everything we love about the cheese plate but without the spread and chance of mess. Just line your favorite elements up on the skewer and hand out to your cuddle buddies. Charcuterie Skewers


We used Gherkin Pickles, Apple and pear slices, olives, salami with a side of Mini Babybel Cheese here, but you could add prosciutto, pepperoni, bread chunks, or any of your other cheese plate favorites! Then have dips on hand like mustards or honey and enjoy! Mini Babybel also included this darling PDF filled with fun ideas to make your next movie night extra special! Printable tickets, a Bingo game that you can mark with Mini Babybel wheels when they cry, when you see a dance party, etc. etc. Find all the fun here!Charcuterie Skewers


Wood plate // Camel Club chairs // Plaid Pouf (old but found here) // Plaid throw // Basket Pendant Light // Coffee Table // Glass shade lamp // Gold round shade lamp // Black Cantilever Floor Lamp //

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