Zappos Adaptive

We heard great news from our friends at Zappos and wanted to share for any of you parents who are looking for solutions! Introducing:

Zappos Adaptive: Functional and Fashionable Products to Make Life EasierNCC_9977-copy-680x1024 Zappos AdaptiveZappos Adaptive is a shopping experience focused on adapting to those with special needs. Whether its sensory issues, to just making the dressing experience a more independent experience. Less options for mistakes, getting it right no matter how it’s put on. Two key adaptive brands are offering specialized clothing; 4way – a Zappos private label brand, and Independence Day Clothing. The array of offerings is expanding, but for now Zappos is focusing on 4-way reversible clothing, which gives a solution for dressing – anyway the clothing is put on, it’s on right! For your feet, they have easy access to shoes with alternative closures (no laces), such as hook-and-loop, slip-ons and bungee.Screen-Shot-2016-05-15-at-11.35.49-AM-700x464We love that this whole feature and initiative started from one customer service phone call from a shopper. Those of you who have children with these needs, THIS is for you! We hope it helps make your life easier and with their amazing return policy and quick shipping, you can get exactly what you need without leaving your home! No need for disclosure, this post isn’t sponsored, we just really loved this new feature and wanted to share! Happy Monday!!


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