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By Emily.

Raleigh is almost one but I am still not where I thought I’d be at this point in my postpartum journey. I remember with my other two boys being skinnier than ever thanks to nursing, but since Raleigh weaned so early I found myself doing it the old fashioned way!

So for swimsuits this Summer, I feel more comfortable with a concealed tummy while I keep working on it, so if you’re looking for high-waisted two pieces or one pieces here’s what I’ve bought and love!

Okay Aerie, I see you killing the game. All these suits are on sale right now and The white piping line is brand new so I haven’t tried them on but here’s what I love about the others:aerie

  1. This suit is GORGEOUS! Any fake boobie mamas or maybe just mamas who don’t have sad post-nursing boobies, this is for you. It’s a stunner. I had to return it because above reasons 1 and 2. 😉
  2. This is the suit I was wearing in my Insta yesterday that peeps were excited about. It’s a stunning red, the macrame is so rad and the back is nice and low for you to get nice and tan with no lines. Perfect soft cups for any boobie. SO much boobie talk today.
  3. Another beautiful suit with an beautiful back line. I love this one. Fits amazing.
  4.  4-6 This is the new piping line That side flower detailing kills me and that suit comes in a bunch of spot-on colors.
  5. This suit is pretty cool on. I love that I can conceal the tummy but it has lots of  interest.

Looking for more one piece suit options? CUPSHE // RAISING WILD // MARYSIA // VINCE CAMUTO // UNIQUE VINTAGE (retro look!) // TED BAKER // JCREW (faves: ONE TWO THREE FOUR) and a couple random ones worth checking out: RED MESH // HIGH NECK LOW BACK // PATTERN MIX AMAZINGNESS

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