After School Water Fight

This post is sponsored by Mott’s® and Dollar General, all opinions are our own!

May is always such an exciting month, the electricity and excitement of the school year ending is contagious and we are itching to feel that summertime warmth and relaxed schedule wash over us!  Water Fight!One thing we’ve been trying to do to mix up the after school routine is to have one little surprise planned each week. Something the boys come home to and are immediately whisked away or engaged in that they didn’t expect. Just to mix it up!Water Fight! For this week, we surprised them with a water fight and homemade ice pops made from Mott’s 100% Apple Mango Juice! We love this Zoku mold because its so stable and doesn’t spill and it’s a perfect amount for kids! Grab the bigger size for your adult and big kid portions!Water Fight!Mott’s and Dollar General sponsored this week’s idea for today’s post and Dollar General exclusively carries the 8 oz 6-pack juice bottles we used for our pops! Apple Mango is a new favorite over here! You know Raleigh is waiting for a sip.Water Fight!With the new one-step water balloons that you just stick on the hose and watch them fill up and self-tie, water fights are so much more fun for moms, too! FWater Fight!Once you have your balloons ready, tell the kids how many they can claim for themselves and get the party started!Water Fight!For the at-home ice popsumm, simply pour the juice in and stick it in the freezer! Water Fight!No need for any dyes or weird chemicals, our kids love this juice liquid or solid!Water Fight!Water Fight!d


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