summer musts for mama

We have covered (and covered and covered) Summer fun for your kids but what about ideas for keeping things smooth for US? It’s hard out here for a mom! Here’s some universal gotta-gets to make it a titch easier and of course pretty while you’re at it.summermusts

  1. We aren’t 19 anymore (or maybe we are, hey girl hey!) but cover that face either way because you’ll regret it. Big ol’ hats, visors, straw hats with straps. Whatever you gotta do. Go bright with the visor if you feel weird, it’s less serious! Resting Beach Face // Natural Visor // Billabong Hat
  2. When you’re rocking a baseball hat or lower brim hat the only sunglasses that work are aviators. Getchoo some good ones. Quay (said KEY) makes awesome ones for a good deal! Aviator // Brow Bar
  3. Colorscience Mineral Powder SPF. No oil, a light dusting, and mineral is WAY better for you!
  4. UV Protectant. My hair gets so worked in the Summer this is a great option to keep it shiny!
  5. Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner! No joke my hair fees like straw most of the time. When I use this I get to feel like I have goddess hair. It works AMAZINGLY well.
  6. Summer time means you’re schlepping all the things. Anytime we can find two-for products we’re game. This backpack beach chair also has a cooler pouch. You’ve got snacks a bevy and a seat all in one!
  7. Coverups! Dresses or my personal favorite easy shorts. I don’t really want to walk around the pool making sure my bikini line, or bum isn’t showing too much. Remember that beach bod I was supposed to have? Didn’t quite get there. Abstract Graphic Shift // Striped Maxi (nursing friendly!) // Tassel Dress $15 // White off the shoulder $20 //
  8. Slides. Its gotta be easy and slides are easier to chic-up then flip flops. Waterrpoof Birkestocks! One // Two // Three // Don’t laugh but I DIG these yellow platform babies and they’re $15. // Multicolor heeled mule for an extra fancy get-up // Cork looking mules // Platforms for a little height and edge!

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  1. Could you repost the link to the shorts? It keeps sending me to the tassel dress. Those shorts look pretty perfect for an upcoming beach trip!!

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