Sponsored by Hint, get 15% off using SMALLFRY20 on their site here: drinkhint.com. Promo details at the bottom of this post!hint waterIn my efforts to lose the last of my (now one year old) baby weight I’ve been kicking any thing and everything that might stand in my way, including carbonation for the last few weeks. (Lost 3 inches on my waist so far!) Upping my water intake proves to be challenging, but Hint to the rescue!hint1Hint water is 100% natural, with no sugar or preservatives. It’s essentially water, with a Hint of flavor. Diet sweeteners give me a major headache and so does sugar in too much doses, but sometimes I gotta mix up the plain water routine. hint water To me Hint is all in the smell. I take a big deep breath of it and swig away and it’s so refreshing. hint waterThe 12 pack comes with four flavors too so I don’t have to get used to one. And as always the best part about making positive and healthy changes in my family is my kids eat and drink whatever is around so they’re getting more water too!

hint water
For Father’s Day yesterday we got Russ a windowsill herb garden. He is the king of the grill in Summertime and the boys picked out his favorite herbs for our BBQ nights! hintIf you’re looking for a few easy crafts to make the most out of your nursery trips here are some favorites from around the web:
PLanter DIy
Vase DIY
Vase DIY
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