yogurt bar breakfast

By Emily.

You all know we’ve been focusing on easy Summertime ideas to make the mornings (or afternoons, depending on when your down time is) special and not so “I’m so bored!” Raleigh is napping three times a day still (oof!) so we have lots of downtime at home and I am basically stringing these ideas together for my own sanity.Yogurt BarSo today’s idea is just a few extra steps on your regular breakfast routine, but the boys loved it!


Their favorite yogurt, bowls of toppings, a special breakfast munching area.

TOPPING IDEAS: granola, chopped fruit, honey, chia, seeds or nuts, dried fruit, and to make it extra special – candy! Yep that’s right you’re gonna roll with it just this once.Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 7.20.03 PM We don’t even feel bad because we used Black Forest’s Organic Gummy Bears and Sour Heads (check out their huge assortment of organic dummies here! SO awesome.  Yogurt Bar TeePee Joy sent us this classic red teepee with tiny stars which we love and let the boys eat in (which we don’t normally do so that is a party in itself, ha!) You can actually design your own custom teepee here as well!Yogurt Bar

Happy Summer guys, you’re doing awesome!

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