Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods¬†asked if they could sponsor a round-up of my favorite home goods from their site! That site makes me so happy. So much good, unique design and I love reading about the different inventors and artisans. Here’s my picks!:Uncommon Goods

  1. This fruit bowl is so pretty. I love that it has height for the counter too or shelf too. It can be hard to find things with different scales and heights for the kitchen, LOVE this!
  2. More than the function I love how industrial and cool this Toothpaste Wringer is. Makes leaving the toothpaste out feel a little more purposeful and stylized.
  3. This magnetic phone mount is so great for either the car or wherever you set your phone down most often.
  4. When I had corporate desk job before Hayes was born I had the world’s ugliest Dell computer on this hideous plastic riser. It was depressing. Where was this riser when I needed it? I love that if provides shelf space below, too!
  5. I need two of these pillows for each of my boys’ beds. Maybe my most uttered phrase after 8:30 pm. Losing out only to “GO TO BED!”
  6. Another great design to leave out on the counter or at your desk. I don’t think it would be as cute with pens though, the colorful pencils make it! Here: Percy the Pencil Porcupine.
  7. Dead over this bulletin board. Such a good design!!
  8. Baskets aren’t hard to find anymore luckily but this color and price are for sure unique.
  9. I bought this Notepaper Roller the second I saw it. I am the biggest list-maker. Ill write something I already did pre-list just so I can cross it off. I have lists everywhere and I love that this is a perpetual roll that you can tear off no matter how short or long the list is.
  10. I don’t have a cat nor intend to get one but this cat teepee is $35 and amazing. Cat lovers take note!
  11. Another beautiful piece to display flowers, herbs, or even pens and pencils. The possibilities are limitless! Here: Caterpillar Vase.

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