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I’ve been partnered with Ergo since I had Raleigh and we’ve come to rely so much on our Ergo carrier. He is SO heavy (close to 30 pounds) and this is the only way I can still wear him! He is a crib man too so he doesn’t really sleep in his stroller and with three naps a day in Summertime the only way I can stay out adventuring with the big boys is to use the Ergo 360 so he can get some rest and stay his usual happy guy self. And another added plus is their new pattern with artist Keith Haring!! You all know how much I love the arts-  books, music, fashion, plays, poetry, all of it. This is so exciting! MORE ART, PLEASE!      8N0A5015    How come no one ever talks about art anymore? Or maybe they do and I just run in the wrong crowd. 😉 Well today I am changing that, let’s talk about art, baby!

I am sure you’ll recognize Keith Haring’s work right off the bat. He has such a personal stamp that can’t be duplicated. His work got huge in the 80’s and his signature pop-street-neo-expressionist art has been popular ever since!

Keith HaringKeith HaringAnd now it’s on my favorite Ergo Carrier! Woot woot! I love being able to have this wearable art piece that is bright and loud and fun! You’re never going to blend in while wearing your darling bouncing baby, so why try? I am so glad I have a few more pounds to wear Raleigh because when that window closes I will be so sad!Keith Haring x Ergo

Since I need more art talk in my life I am asking and can’t wait to hear! Who are your favorite artists, from now or before? Do you have a favorite piece?

I’ll share mine two favorites after the jump otherwise this post is gonna get long!

For contemporary artists, Yago Hortal (from Spain) has been my long, long time favorite. Maybe one day I’ll be able to hang up a piece in my own home, but his art entrances me. The colors and movement and the ways he plays with dimension are all so brilliant. See what I mean:

Yago HortalYago HortalYago Hortal Yago Hortal

And John Singer Sargent, a realist painter from the 1800 early 1900! I can’t seem to put my finger on my I love his art so much. I think its the mixture of how he captures these women, the mischief in their eyes, the boredom. But whoever they all were they had some killer dresses and the fashion of the time captures me just as much as their faces:John Singer SargentJohn Singer Sargent  John Singer Sargent

John Singer Sargent


  • ArtSmart
    July 9, 2017 at 7:07 pm

    Keith Haring died in 1990… soooo hasn’t been making art “ever since” he gained popularity in the 80s

    • Small Fry
      July 10, 2017 at 8:22 am

      Thanks for the info, we’ll update the wording!


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